City Secretary


Building Permits must be obtained from the City Secretary at City Hall for the following:

For any other construction or remodeling the City Secretary must be notified in advance of any work being done.

Contact Diane Hosea, the City Secretary for information on cost of permits, water and sewer connections, deposits needed and current Building Ordinances.


Architectural Committee


Ingleside on the Bay has an Architectural Committee, not a part of the city government, that was established in the Deed Restrictions.  Contact information is available at the City Hall.


City Hall

P. O. Box 309

Ingleside, TX 78362

Phone:  361-776-5451

Fax:  361-776-5283

Email: Diane Hosea


Office Hours

Monday - Friday

9 AM to 1 PM




Building Inspector

Robert John Daehn Jr




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